Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning) Worship Sunday 10:15am
Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning)              Worship Sunday 10:15am

Growing Spiritually at Family of Faith

People, relationships, faith, and churches are organic which means they grow and mature. It has been said that belief as Christians is as simple as the children's song "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so" and as complex and intricate as Handel's "Messiah". On one hand there are the basics, but on the other hand there is always something more to learn, assimulate, and apply.

Sunday Morning 9:00am  Multi-Generational Options

September-May there are options to choose from for young children to adults in the morning before gathering for worship.

Conversations About Life, God, and Faith Tuesdays 7:00pm June-August

An opportunity for those wanting to explore spiritual viewpoints but not certain that Christianity is believable for you. The purpose of these conversations is to listen and understand different points of view. Each session is built around two open ended questions about life, God, or faith that allow for responses from Christians and non-Christians alike. There is no attempt to establish a right answer or push a particular point of view, although the Christians present will share their perspective just as the non-Christians will be allowed to do so.

Spiritual GUIDE Sessions  Tuesday 1:30pm and 7:00pm

A mid-week chance with the pastor to look in depth at Scriptures the basics of Christianity or topics derived from Scripture.

Across the Ages Mentoring and Assistance

We are gifted with people who have walked with God over a lifetime of joys, hurts, successes, and failures. There is a lot of wisdom to be tapped into here - men and women who can speak into life situations or issues of those at the start or in the middle of adult life with compassion and understanding. These are also folks with a lot of "how to" and "get by" skills in life that are lost in the techno society but still very useful in a pinch or when having to do something for the first time away from your usual advisors.

We need to be up front an let you know there are some Spiritual Development avenues we don't have yet and are under development. If you have interest, skills, or experience in some of these areas there is a place for you to be able to step in an get involved. Watch this website for new additions:

  • Youth Ministry for Junior and Senior High School
  • Small Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Women's Discussion/Study Groups
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