Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning) Worship Sunday 10:15am
Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning)              Worship Sunday 10:15am

Leadership at Family of Faith

Leadership in the world is about power - being in control and having the ability to use others to achieve personal agendas. For the church, leadership is primarily about accountability - responsibility for the well being of the people and for the spiritual maturing of individuals and the community as a whole.  Some structure, like the skeletal structre of the body, is necessary for moving forward. We try to make sure our structure serves the mission and not making the mission to support the structure.

The Vision Team: Representative Local Decision Making

As an Independent Lutheran Congregation, we look to our association for guidance or assistance, but decisions and direction for the congregation come from our elected members of the Vision Team. Term limits ensure broader input and is intentionally part of who we are to prevent a handful of people from accruing too much influence or control. Members of the vision team coordinate the ministry of the congregation as well as overseeing the ministry teams in the six areas defined in the picture to the left. Ministry teams further extend the involvement for as many people as possible and are great places for new folks to plug in right away in ministry and relationships.

Pastor Phil Moerdyk

When we called Pastor Phil we were not looking for a stereotypical Lutheran pastor. We succeeded. A second career pastor and a graduate of Western Theological Seminary, Phil spent over thirty years in K-12 Public Education in Michigan (okay he may never become a Buckeye fan). He has been a teacher, principal, special project leader, curriculum developer, and trainer. These experiences, combined with his theological training, is guiding the congregation to more vigorously and effectively pursue our mission with a strong Gospel foundation.  Pastor Phil is married to Peggy with two married children, Megan (and Christoph) and Jonathan (and Katie) parents of his one grandchild, Addison.

Staff: Administratve Assistant Teresa Traxler

You can talk to Pastor Phil or you can touch base with the one who really knows what is going on around here. Teresa is a member of Family of Faith, a former president of the Vision Team, and stepped into this postion at a critical time when we were without a pastor for a year. If you drop in or call during regular office hours Teresa is your point of contact. Her role and contribution to the life and ministry of Family of Faith goes far beyond her job titile or description. Besides all that, she is a friendly, caring person which comes through in everything she does.

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