Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning) Worship Sunday 10:15am
Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning)              Worship Sunday 10:15am

What We Believe at Family of Faith

Christianity is a story of relationship not a system of rules or rituals. It is a story of created perfect relationships; relationships broken in our quest for self-determination; realtionships beyond repair by our own resources; relationships reconciled by God through Jesus Christ; and relationships restored by grace now and forever which is received not earned. It is a complex but wonderful story to enter into and live within.

We are Christians with roots in the five "Solas" (alone statements) of the Protestant Reformation

  • By grace alone and not by deserving or being owed it by God
  • By faith alone and not by acheving or attaining it by our efforts
  • By Christ alone and not through any particular discipline or any other path
  • By authority and assurance of Scripture as the only guide for truth and life
  • To the Glory of God alone and not to ourselves

Association with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Just as every branch of a family tree has both simularities and distinctives, there are various shades of Lutheran expression. We hold to traditional foundations of our Lutheran heritage: Priesthood of all Believers, Law and Gospel, and a High View of the inspiration and authority of Scripture through which God reveals:

  • where we have come from
  • what has gone wrong
  • what fixes it
  • and the end toward which all things are moving

For those who want to dig deeper...


The Lutheran heritage is a confessional heritage. This means that from the beginning, Lutherans have attempted to put on paper the consensus understanding of Scripture, doctrine, and faith lived out in life. These historic documents have been collected in the Book of Concord. An online translation (not the most recent but still useful) can be accessed by clicking the button below.

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