Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning) Worship Sunday 10:15am
Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning)              Worship Sunday 10:15am

Our Mission at Family of Faith

Christians are sent people. We have a purpose and task beyond just being and maintaining. Our mission is what keeps us from becoming a semi-exclusive religious club that occassionally does service projects. You can read our mission on the header of every page on this website. Below we have tried to explain more about what it means.

Connecting People to Jesus

The ultimate meaning in life is not a concept or a proposition but a person. The solution to the issues and problems of life is not in a program but through a person. Understanding pain and suffering is not through a philosophical frame of mind, but within the one person who in life experienced every pain and sorrrow known to humanity, died, and rose to life. In Jesus, God lived among us, lived the life we should live, took the consequences that were ours to take, died the death we deserved, and offers us the life we were meant to live as a free gift. Jesus is not just a good man, a wise teacher, or a prophet, but the only way to reconciliation, restoration, peace, and freedom.

Connecting People to God's Word

You cannot have a relationship with someone you do not know. You only know people to the extent they reveal who they are to you. If you have a sense of what you think about a person, you check that sense out by going to reliable sources - especially what that person shares with you. In the Bible God reveals the character of God; sometimes by direct information and sometimes through the sometimes tragic, often amazing relationship between God and the people God calls. No matter how messed up people became, no matter how far from God they wandered, God's mercy and justice reached further.


Connecting with Each Other

Just as the natural and physical world is balanced when interconnected and mutually dependent with nothing existing in complete isolation, so also people are most free and flourishing when living in communities of mutual support and accountability - not as autonmous individuals. The fact is that almost every relationship we know is messed up so it may seem to be safer and less demanding to be unconnected and uncommitted. Yet the solution is not pulling apart, but allowing God to reconcile and restore what has been messed up so we discover community as it was meant to be and ourselves as we were created to be. 

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