Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning) Worship Sunday 10:15am
Rear Parking Lot of the Tiffin Mall (look for the sign and awning)              Worship Sunday 10:15am

Our Journey at Family of Faith

Every life has a past (where we have been), a present (where we are now), and a future (where we see ourselves heading). We are defined in part by the shaping of the past, the nature of the present, and our aspirations for the future. When we let God show us how that looks beyond our own ability to comprehend - it can become transforming.



Looking in the mirror at where we have been...

The origin of Family of Faith eight years ago was a movement away from institutionalized church and top-down imposition of positions believed to be contrary to Scripture toward a congregation of spiritual vitality, community engagement, and Scriptural foundation. There was a commitment to the voice and involvement of every member of the community. God has been gracious and provided for every need in getting things off the ground, weathering multiple site changes over a five year period, and being resilient through a year without a pastor. In the fall of 2015 we brought on a new pastor in in February 2016 secured our current facility.

Where we are now...

We are still young in this journey, learning to be flexible and responsive, and open to looking at doing things that may be different from what many of us have known most of our lives. You may be surprised to learn how many of us have taken this step of faith and change in our "mature" years. A lifetime of trust in God helps us trust God now. The wisdom God has given us we want to pass on to others in your journey.

Looking ahead to where we see ourselves being sent...

While one must hold the details and particulars of the future lightly, there are some directions we feel we can hold onto firmly. First, we will continue to blend the richness of our heritage with the evangelistic thrust of contemporary American Christianity. We believe that you can have both roots and fruits. Second, we want to become the best neighbors anyone in Seneca County could experience. We want to run to the needs in our community not away from them. Finally, we move forward on the conviction that the solutions to the problems of the world can only be addressed through truths of God and the reconciing and restoring power of God through Jesus Christ of which we are ambassadors.

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